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City of Chattanooga’s deputy administrator of the department of economic development has thrown his hat in the ring for the 10th District of the Tennessee State Senate to run against Todd Gardenhire who won the open seat back in 2012 against Andrae McGary. Recently, Chris Anderson, Chattanooga City Councilman, publicly considered a run at the seat, but opted not to. 

Lance and Acuff both commented on the challenge any democrat would face because of how the district is drawn. Discussion on why the Democrats need to run a viable candidate and not concede the seat ensued. Campaign issues that may come up are the allocation of gas tax funds to build bike lanes on Broad Street and other backlog transportation needs.

Gardenhire has come under recent fire from Democrats because of a statement he made about deleting emails that looked like “form letters” from constituents. Lance brought up the question of how effective these types of letters/emails are when orchestrated by an opposing party. Acuff and Lance both agreed a concerned citizen with a point to make can have more impact by personalizing their communication.

According to Lance, when the Democratic party doesn’t put up viable candidates they run the risk of getting someone who really undermines their brand. You get Charlie Brown…and Mark Clayton.

By having Wilkinson run, the Democratic party is showing they are serious about running qualified candidates to make inroads in District 10. According to The Chattanoogan, the City of Chattanooga will allow him to remain on payroll with his current position during the campaign.

Follow Nick Wilkinson and Todd Gardenhire on Twitter although it’s doubtful Todd will respond. His last tweet was back in 2012 during the campaign. Todd has another Twitter account that appears to not be active.


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