Failure Is Not An Option – It’s Mandatory. D+J Interview Part 3

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Entrepreneurs and investors have made a fundamental shift in how they view failure as this recent VentureBeat article points out. Whereas in the past failure was viewed as a negative, today it’s taken more in stride as a part of the entrepreneurial curriculum. More than just a red badge of courage, failure is a learning process. It’s a foundational building block for the entrepreneur’s educational experience. These things can’t totally be learned from studies or books.

The act of falling down isn’t as nearly as important as how quickly and proficiently one picks one’s self back up. Wise advice, or something recalled from a Batman movie, but we all need an Alfred – a mentor to not only guide us but offer insight as to why things happen and what to take away from them.

“Dead companies are like worm poop” – DJ Trischler

Jonathan Mansfield and DJ Trischler know a thing or two about failure. In Part 3 of our sit-down interview they explore what it meant to them, and the more important question – “now what?”  DJ likens his business failure to worm poop that could become fertilizer for new ventures. Refreshing viewpoints worth a listen.


This concludes the interview. Part 1 and Part 2 can be viewed separately

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