What’s The Big Idea Chattanooga?

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What’s the big idea, Chattanooga?

In part two of the interview with DJ Trischler and Jonathan Mansfield the former partners share candid thoughts on what’s needed to take Chattanooga to the next level. Branding ourselves Gig City is just the beginning, but what’s next? According to Trischler, Chattanooga  needs to figure out what’s at its core.

Regarding talent and the brain drain of university graduates, Mansfield cites the need for more mentor relationships between younger professionals and more seasoned (niche) professionals. What does mentorship look like in a professional entrepreneurial creative context? This is a conversation happening in small circles around the city.

Counteract the Brain Drain with Challenge and Risk

That Chattanooga is losing some creatives to bigger cities and companies there is no doubt, but why? DJ puts forth an interesting idea that in some ways Chattanooga is like the minor leagues. Professionals looking to greatly challenge themselves and improve their skills feel the need to look outside the city for opportunities that will make them better. They want to play in the major league to be hone their skills. Like iron sharpens iron, they want to be challenged like never before.

So what can Chattanooga do?  Mansfield would like to see more cross-pollination in the start-up community. While Chattanooga has some really great startups, there haven’t been enough success stories of the caliber of companies we’re currently grooming. We need more Quickques and Variable Technologies. Chattanooga’s entrepreneurial scene is “a bubble that’s about to burst…and we just need to stick with it” according to Mansfield.

Both Trischler and Mansfield are both very optimistic on what’s happening in Chattanooga. Like many professionals, they’re focused on accelerating the success curve.

For more context, watch Part 1 of the interview. Look for the third and final segment of the interview in an upcoming post where DJ likens the death of their company as worm poo.



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