AIM Presents Internship 101 Workshop For Employers

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Got questions on Internships?

AIM, a not-for-profit community organization that promotes technology to empower people and enhance organizations, is hosting a FREE workshop Monday, February 24, 2014 on company internship programs. The event is being held at the Business Development Center from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Penny Hughey, Regional Manager for AIM, is thrilled about being able to provide this workshop to area employers. “The goal is for employers to understand more about how an Internship can really benefit their business while benefiting the community at the same time. They get a young, eager to learn, candidate who can offer a fresh perspective on many aspects of their business. They are supporting the community by taking a student who wants to learn and giving them hands on experience in their field of study. Sometimes this can help cement the students decision in their field of study and sometimes it can be an eye opening experience for the student to learn what they don’t want to do,” says Hughey.

 Often times smaller companies especially are hesitant to try and hire an Intern because they don’t know what is required – hopefully this will address some of those concerns as well”

Implementing an internship program can be perplexing, but it doesn’t have to be. In many ways, it is similar to starting any new program or project. Having a plan is crucial. Asking questions of local people with experience is invaluable. Internship 101 is a great starting point. At Internships 101, a panel will discuss the pros and cons of establishing an internship program at your company. You’ll get advice on the best ways to set up, manage, and advertise your internships to get the most out of your student and company relationship. Panelist includes representatives from colleges, universities, employers with existing internship programs and a representative from the Public Education Foundation & STEM Hub.

How do I go about hiring an intern? What type of reporting is required? Do I have to pay them? What are the advantages for me as an employer in implementing an intern program? Why hire interns? What are the benefits for students, business, and community?  In an open Q/A, ask questions, offer your experience, expand the discussion.

This event is free and lunch is provided, but you must register


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