D+J partners talk openly about closing their doors- Part 1

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We recently sat down with DJ Trischler and Jonathan Mansfield to chat about their joint venture that recently shut down. D+J, a boutique design and branding shop, had made a reputation of producing unique design work which included partnering with others to create the prolific Cha-type project that was gifted to the City of Chattanooga. However, the running of a business is extremely challenging, and talent alone is no guarantee of success.

In Part 1 of the interview they discuss how the name for the agency came about, what their proudest company accomplishments are, the success of Cha-type and what the City of Chattanooga can do to enhance its brand. In upcoming segments we’ll get into what happened with their business, and what’s next for these two professionals who call Chattanooga home.

Jon is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Creative Media Specialist who has helped companies of all sizes with their marketing efforts. As a board member of the Chattanooga Technology Council, and is actively involved in covering the emerging business tech scene. Find him on Twitter @jonfmoss