Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs

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It’s tough enough to figure out what to buy your spouse, brother, grandmother for Christmas, but what about the entrepreneur in your life? You know, the person who not only dreams about creating a lasting business, but is also doing something about it.

Here are a few ideas culled from the web from our friends at NYReport.


7 Gift Ideas

Corporate Flashcards ($11,

If you want your employees to think outside the box, these flashcards will make sure they’re all 110 percent on the same page and leveraging the low-hanging fruit. Going forward, don’t forget to touch base about birthday presents.



Suitjamas (from $74.95,

Because you don’t stop being a business owner when you sleep. You can wear them to the office, too—we won’t judge.


BusyFit Workout DVD ($29.95,

Being an entrepreneur is no excuse for being slow and sluggish.. In fact, you should probably be reading this on the treadmill.


“Helpless” Sticky Notes ($4,

It’s funny ‘cause it’s true—and you and your team all know it.



Trust Me Cufflinks ($50,

Appropriate in any and every situation. With just a flick of your sleeves, you can land deals, make connections, and save the world, one business at a time.



Like/Dislike Stamps and Rude Self-Inking Stamps ($12.99 and $8.99,

Received? Paid? Snore. Sometimes, the only appropriate response to a report, proposal, bill, or whatever else comes across your desk is a Like, a Dislike or a good, old fashioned WTF!? Extra punctuation included.


iRetrophone and Antique Keyboard and Mouse (from $196 and $299,

New laptop’s already obsolete? Wondering where all your MySpace friends went? If you just don’t have the heart to keep up with technology anymore, declare “I give up!” loudly and proudly with a cellphone base, keyboard, and mouse that hearken back to a less complicated era. Much cheaper than a time machine.


Giant Wine Glass and XL Beer Glass ($13.49 and $14.49,

At some point or another as a business owner you may be drinking your problems away. And your team’s problems. And your partner’s. And your accountant’s. When that dark day dawns, you’ll take comfort in a wine glass so big it can hold a whole bottle. Or a beer glass so massive it can hold five bottles. Oh, and by the way—you’re buying.

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