Entrepreneur Olympics Set to Blast Off 11-11-11

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Crowned as Tennessee’s Official Global Entrepreneurship Week Kick-Off Event, 48Hour Launch is poised once again to have a major impact on the entrepreneurial landscape of Chattanooga. This is the third such event organized by The Company Lab. Based on the success of 48HL last March, we can safely say this is a do-not-miss event if you want to connect with local entrepreneurs, web developers, graphic designers, marketers and other startup specialists.

The concept is simple:

– Pitch an idea

– Gather a team

– Define objectives

– Collaborate

– Work like mad

– Make revisions

– Repeat if necessary

All this within 48 hours, and then straight in the pressure cooker where you have five minutes to present your idea coherently to a panel of judges. Make a visual presentation before a live audience as they crowd source a weighted opinion that will play a role in determining the winner.

The theme,”Get Started”, is sure to inspire many to jump into the fire. Some say 48Hour Launch is like a crucible in which entrepreneurial ideas are tested with fire. With the right team in place, one could smelt and idea into gold.¬†This year there are three tracts to run on: Product, Technology and Social Innovation.

Let’s get started Chattanooga…

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