48Hour Launch Recap; Interview with DJ Trischler

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Like a whirlwind, 48Hour Launch blew threw Chattanooga last week. However, unlike a destructive weather pattern, this was a collaborative effort that spurred conditions for the perfect creative storm. Entrepreneurs with business ideas converged on the old YMCA building eager to attract talent  in the form of designers, web developers, marketers, copy writers, attorneys and others willing to lend a hand.

The premise: pitch an idea, build a team, build a business, make a presentation and potentially walk away with $5,000 to go further – all within a 48 hour period. Sound intense? It was! Sound fun? I can say from personal experience is was loads of fun. But what about the practical? Why devote your time? Why volunteer your skills?

Those pitching ideas had an obvious incentive, but what about those who participated to help out? What was the payoff of those who brought their skills to the event to help others with their dreams? These are the questions that need to be answered in order to attract more talent to future events.

Thirty hours into the event we caught up with DJ Trischler to hear firsthand about his experience, what project(s) he worked on and what his takeaways from the event were.

Jon is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Creative Media Specialist who has helped companies of all sizes with their marketing efforts. As a board member of the Chattanooga Technology Council, and is actively involved in covering the emerging business tech scene. Find him on Twitter @jonfmoss