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Looking to deploy iPad in your business?

Business owners, executives and IT professionals, take note:

Since the release of the iPad in the spring of 2010, it and other iOS Apple devices have hitched a ride from the homes of corporate executives to their boardrooms at work. Playing an increasingly vital role in company efficiency, innovation and a cutting-edge reputation, many leaders have joined the conversation about what iPad truly offers their work environment while remaining quite affordable.

When it comes to deployment of iPad in business and enterprise environments, the industry is at a point where technology and the capability for these mass deployments are in the early stages but are on their way to becoming a new way of life (home, work, leisure) as we know it.  The device has seen huge success in consumer adoption.  As schools and businesses are now beginning to adopt it as well, technology for their mass deployment and management is being constantly developed, released, and improved upon to keep up with the demands being created daily.

Chattanooga turns to the Tennessee based Apple Specialist, MacAuthority, which has been open for business locally in the Hamilton Place Mall since November 2009 and remains the number one source for Apple products in the Chattanooga area.  Taking a leap beyond their incredible retail success, CEO Mark Gregory recently launched a company wide Business Connection Division, recognizing the many possibilities as a shift is taking place in the market. This shift is mainly due to iOS simplicity, design, and a remarkable price point.

In particular, Mr. Gregory is leveraging MacAuthority’s local success to help the Chattanooga Business community chart new territory by offering a free event next week designed to help leaders and IT professionals learn the latest information about how iPad and iPad 2 work in a business environment.

Such an event would be most beneficial to corporate decision makers and IT professionals who are looking carefully at iPad and other iOS devices for deployment scenarios.  There will be multiple expert presentations to display the many features and management options that the iPad iOS can offer the industry.

At this time, Configuration Data has the most complete management options.  They are managed with Configuration “Profiles” which can set nearly any configuration option for restrictions, Network setup, WiFi, VPN, Mail/Calendar accounts, etc. These can be created and synced onto the devices via USB or with a Server and Enterprise Developer Account with Apple.  They can be deployed, and updated over the air without physically touching them to update the configuration.

What about deploying and managing those apps and media files on executive and employee devices?  Application and Media Assets are usually deployed to the devices through syncing to an iTunes database.  This allows for all applications, music, movies, podcasts, contacts, PDFs, etc. to be delivered in one-fell-swoop.

It is highly recommended that those who make technology decisions in the Chattanooga business, enterprise, vertical, and education communities register and attend this free event next week.


When | Where

The MacAuthority Event: iPad in Business will take place from 12:00pm – 4:00pm on Thursday March 31st at the Hunter Museum of American Art in Chattanooga. It is free and is open to all local business, enterprise, and educational leaders who have interest in the many features which iPad offers.

Topics will include integration, security, and deployment as well as business apps.  This event will also provide multiple opportunities for you to meet engineers and industry leaders about the impressive palette of tools available for iPad – such as Citrix, FileMaker, Jamf Software and more.

Lunch and access to the Hunter Museum are both free for this special event designed for business owners, executives and IT professionals. .

Since seating is limited, you may want to register soon at www.macauthority.com/ipadevent to reserve your space.

Here are a few links for you to see examples of business / corporate / enterprise iPad deployment:

Contact Clark Campbell / MacAuthority Business Connection Specialist for further information.


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