LogMeIn Ignition: Remote Access & Desktop Control App for Professionals

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LogMeIn Ignition is an iOS app for the actual service named LogMeIn. LogMeIn is a remote access service that works over many platforms (Mac, PC, smartphones). It allows you to connect to a machine located somewhere else without going through the hassle of opening ports, etc. One simply installs the LogMeIn client on the machine and then you can access it from anywhere else using your LogMeIn username and password.  The setup is very simple (you won’t even need your IT department).

The iOS app allows one to connect to a PC or Mac from their favorite iOS device. Why is this necessary? Let’s say you are at a clients office and remember that you left your updated pricing sheet at the office. With this app, you could log into your office computer and email the pricing sheet right to the client.

LogMeIn allows you to always be connected to your office. Whether at home or on the road, you’ll never be away from your office computer, programs, documents, and network resources. The app is a universal app (built for iPhone and for iPad). Find out more information here. The app is normally $29.99, but I’ve seen it on sale for $19.99 on a handful of occasions.  LogMeIn has various pricing plans for its service (including a free one).  I’d highly recommend picking it up if you ever need to access your computer from offsite.

Bradley Chambers is the IT Director at Brainerd Baptist School. He is married to Leah and they have one son (Sawyer). Find him on Twitter

Bradley Chambers