Chattanooga Among ICF’s Top Seven Intelligent Communities of 2011

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Chattanooga has made the cut to the Top Seven Intelligent Communities of 2011.  The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) will host a summit in New York City on June 1 & 3 where the winner will be announced. 

excerpted from the ICF site:

Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. In 1969, the US government cited Chattanooga as the city with America’s dirtiest air.  In response, the City Council joined with local companies and physicians to create a pollution control board that led to $10m in private-sector air-quality investments. When heavy manufacturing declined in the 70’s and 80’s, the same spirit of partnership and the support of local foundations led to a decade of transformative downtown revitalization projects.  To spark economic revival the business, academic and governmental leadership pressed forward on multiple fronts, such as higher standards for secondary education with integrated career training.  The city-owned electric utility built a fiber network that will collect billions of data points and provide real-time management that will significantly boost the grid’s reliability and performance.

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