Always Be Hiring: Why Employers Should Always Be Searching For New Talent

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Business owner, executives and HR managers should constantly have their radar up when it comes to potential star talent.

When hiring, companies usually desire star employees – persons with innate qualities and talent that seem born to fill the position – which are not always easy to come by.

Employers typically evaluate job candidates only when there’s an opening in the company. The hope is the right person will come along at the right time to jump in and start working. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way, and you may, or may not have the luxury of time in waiting for the right person.

In reality, you never know when/where your next star employee will come from.  Recently I had a conversation with a hotel general manager and asked how he got into the business.  He replied, “I was working at Office Depot when someone asked if I was planning to work there long term.  When I responded that I was interested in pursuing new opportunities, he immediately said I should contact the HR manager of his company.   Turned out he was an executive for a hotel management company, and saw something in me.”

Simple everyday interactions at the grocery store, on the golf course or at a charitable event may lead to the uncovering of diamond in the rough.  Next time you find yourself on the phone with a telemarketer, critique them on their selling skills. If they can sell you, perhaps they can sell for you.

Here’s an amazing story of a talented person on the street.  If you were in the radio business, what would you do?

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